Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I am. I took the first step of admitting it and for years have been inviting friends to remind me of perfect law anytime they desire. Today I extend that invitation to all people everywhere. Please remind me that perfect law is pure food for the soul and leads to freedom and growth in grace. Don't hesitate to remind me that the only reason I sin is because I have forgotten perfection and filled my cup from the polluted fountain of cheap law (lowered standards), which can only dull a man's senses. So check my drink as often as you like. Call me and quote James 1:25 and 2:10 to me whenever you want. Preach to me Luke 11:52 where Jesus castigates the experts in Mosaic Law because they had taken away the key of knowledge from Israel. They hadn't entered into life and they were hindering others who were entering. Perfection is the key that unlocks every door. It shatters the pride of man and reveals the glory of God in the finished work of Christ. It makes both justification and sanctification to be all about Christ.
Are there any other recovering cheap law addicts out there?

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