Saturday, May 14, 2016


If you say that you trust that God is good, then I have a test for you.
True or False...
  1. If God is good then all that He brings into your life is for your benefit and blessing.
  2. All that does come into your life works for good because you know God.
  3. Every criticism that you receive, even when false and unkind, is a blessing to you from God.
  4. You gladly welcome all criticism as a blessing from God.
  5. You know your tendency to resist criticism and therefore pray and ask God to bring you critics to help you overcome this tendency.
  6. Since God is good and critics are His blessing to you, you regularly thank God for bringing them to you.
  7. Since God is good, you rejoice in the Lord always while receiving criticism, realizing that you are worse than the critics declare.
  8. Since critics are a blessing from God to help you see your need to learn to love, you thank your critics for offering their criticism--even when it is not valid--to honor their care for you.
If you trust that God is good then the above will naturally overflows from that trust. Have you been afraid to pray in this way? Are you thinking that God's answer might be out of your control? What does that reveal about your confidence that God is good? Here is a simple step forward in trusting the goodness of God. Will you take it? The Christians around you would be blessed if you did.
"Father in heaven, thank you that you are good in all that comes my way. Thank you that all my critics are a blessing sent from your hand of love to help me see my need to grow in love. Please bring me critics on your schedule as much as you think I need. Sooner is better than later for the sake of my family, friends, and church. Thank you for making Christ to be all my security when the critics come. Amen."
Decades ago an article by AW Tozer brought the above to my attention and I began to pray this way. It is easy and natural for us humans to see our critics as a problem. I suggest that we cannot overcome this problem, but can only suppress it. The good news is that God can overcome it for us. Since beginning to pray this prayer, all my critics have become an answer to prayer. By definition they are no longer a problem for me but rather a blessing to me. What a relief. God is so good! Let's celebrate...even with our critics. 
FYI: This applies to trials as well as critics. Feel free to make that application also.

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