Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Children learn far more from the modeling of parents than from their instructions. Do you want to raise impatient and angry children? Then model it for them. Do you want your children to see that grace is a good way to relate to others? The simple way is to realize that imperfect obedience is disobedience. WHEN you are perceiving this, you will be kept glad and patientno matter how much drama or trauma your children (and others) exhibit. Why is it simple? It is because we all live in hope of something. If your eye is on moral perfection, it is impossible to have any hope in any human obedience or improvement. While seeing perfection, your mind will rejoice that the only legitimate hope is the finished work of Christ. If you don't believe me, simply test it out. The next time you are impatient, irritated, frustrated, or mad at your children (or anyone else) simply ask yourself if you are seeing the other person through the lens of perfection. I predict that you will always find that you have in the moment forgotten God's standards and lowered or cheapened them.

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